I absolutely just LOVE wood!

Is that an affirmation or more of a confession? I don’t know.

This is a Granberg Mobil Sawmill.

I use mine with a Stihl MS 661 C-M with a bar 90 cm long.

It really works great for ripping slabs off like in the photo above. I also have the oil distributor on my Granberg and the crank system to slowly inch it forward.

It’s finally starting to get warmer out here in Burbach, Germany so I can get the toys out again. It really is a huge task getting everything prepared to mill lumber but once it’s dialed in … well, I’m still perfecting that.

I had an enormous apple tree that we successfully sliced into thick slabs that I’ve used to make some benches with for outdoors. Moisture content is crucial and can not be overlooked. If you’re a wood enthusiast then I’d like to recommend an excellent book, the Bible of Wood if you please.


The characteristics and behavior of wood are explained so thoroughly here. Everything from drying and curing wood to examining wood under the microscope on a cellular level is covered.

So that all said, we cut our apple tree into several 4″ slabs and brought them into the house and separated the slabs with 1″ stickers (boards) to help with air flow.

Although this tree had been curing outside for years, it started losing a lot of moisture once inside and started checking on the ends. To slow down the drying process, I melted wax and painted it over all of the open end grain of the wood. The idea here is to slow down the moisture lose and minimalize checking, or splitting on the ends.

Live edge lumber can be really beautiful. One of the slabs has become a bench. I sealed it with a boot sealer, Zaponlack. A friend recommended this for outside projects. I suppose it does the job however the surface started showing whitish blotchy areas almost immediately. I’ve got several more slabs and am ready to start another bench. This time I’ll try something different as a sealer.

I need some suggestions! I’d love to hear what works for you.

If you have suggestions, ideas or questions, send me an email!

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