About Me

My name is Kim Beinke and I want to thank you for visiting my web site. I am an indie author and I have a few different books currently on Amazon. My goal is to help where I can and share my experience.


About the author: Kim Beinke (née Sons) was born and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After Graduating from the University of Lincoln in December1994 she relocated to Burbach, Germany where she lives with her 2 sons and husband.


Her first book, “Autism Resource Guide” was published on Amazon in 2015, followed by “What She Wants”, written under the penname Vibka Merriweather, followed by “Lean Yoga” in 2016.She describes her venture into the publishing world as “happenstance”.


After first discovering the world of Kindle in 2013, she read thousands of Kindle E books on everything from Yoga to Chainsaw Wood Sculpting.“Occasionally I just couldn’t find relevant information on a particular topic, or what I did find was lacking. I can do this better.” And an Indie author was born.